This parameter sets the IP subnet mask of the drive. This parameter determines what IP addresses the drive will be allowed to communicate with.

By default, DHCP is active, and the drive will acquire an IP address on its own. When the drive is in DHCP mode, IP.SUBNET will return

  • The default value of the EtherNet/IP model is


  • When the drive is in DHCP, the actual IP subnet mask will not be returned using this command. The value the user has stored will be returned.
  • IP.SUBNET will only be used by the drive when IP.MODE = 1

If manually setting the IP.ADDRESS, the IP.SUBNET and IP.GATEWAYmust be set up. After the IP.RESET command is issued, the new IP settings will be active only if IP.MODE has been set to 1.

  • This parametr is R/O on AKD-C and AKD-N.

Recovering communications with a drive on an un-reachable IP address

Sometimes a drive may be configured for an IP Address, and the drive needs to be taken off-line, and bench tested, or otherwise used outside of its saved IP Settings. If IP.MODE has been set to 1 (using software defined static IP) the drive will boot up on an IP Address that may be unreachable with the host computer’s settings.

If the IP address prevents communication the IP settings can be reset to default by the following procedure:

  1. Set both rotary switches to 0
  2. Hold down button B1 (top-side of drive) for 5 seconds.

The display will flash and then attempt to discover an address by DHCP. Without removing logic power from the drive, use WorkBench to connect to the drive, reconfigure the IP address settings as desired, and store the values to non-volatile memory.

General Information


NV Parameter



Range to

Default Value

Data Type

IP Address

Start Version


Variants Supported

Variant Supported
AKD Base Yes
AKD with Position Indexer Yes
AKD EtherCAT Yes
AKD CANopen Yes
AKD SynqNet Yes*
AKD EtherNet/IP Yes
AKD Profinet Yes
AKD sercos® III Yes

*In SynqNet, a parameter may be available in the firmware but have no effect on the system. See SynqNet Supported Parameters.

Fieldbus Information

If your drive type is listed as supported but no index, address, or instance number is listed, then this parameter is accessible through WorkBench, but not over your fieldbus type. For information on SynqNet parameters see Supported Parameters (➜ p. 1).

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