AKD-C Display Codes

During drive operation the drive display shows the following codes depending on the drive status. The AKD-C has one LED. All codes with more than one character are displayed sequentially.

Display Code


No system power (inrush opened).

Strings not fully powered (inrush closed). AKD-Ns cannot be enabled. The AKD-C has a fault which disables the AKD-Ns and unpowers the strings.

Strings powered and drives disabled. AKD-Ns cannot be enabled. The AKD-C has a fault which only disables the AKD-N's control board temperature.

Strings powered and drive operational. All AKD-Ns can be enabled. The AKD-C has no faults and strings are fully powered.
+ [3 digit code, flashing]

Fault (see Fault and Warning Messages).

+ [3 digit code, flashing]

Warning (see Fault and Warning Messages).

+ [IP address]

Displaying drive IP address .

Powered on and FPGA loading. If the display is locked on this code then operational and resident FPGA images are corrupt.

Drive enabled.

Download code.

Special mode: Burn-in.

Kernel error.
Resident loading.
Resident completed and waiting for the operational to start.