Feedback 1

The Feedback view allows you to configure the primary position feedback device fitted to your motor.

When you select your feedback device from the Feedback Selection list, the appropriate feedback configuration choices appear below the dial.


The AKD offers a variety of feedback solutions, which allow you to optimize your system based on your specific machine needs. The table below lists the currently supported feedback types. Your motor model number will indicate the type of feedback that you have.

Kollmorgen motors with digital feedback devices (such as SFD, EnDat, BiSS and HIPERFACE , Tamagawa) are plug and play. With these motors, all feedback and motor settings are configured automatically. Third party motors or Kollmorgen motors with non-digital feedback types require that parameters be entered manually. See Non-Plug and Play Feedback Devices).

The following table lists current support for primary and secondary feedback:

    Primary Secondary
Resolver Std & Multi pole Yes No
SFD, SFD3   Yes No
Incremental (Digital) Encoder With Halls and Index Yes No
No Halls with Index Yes Yes
No Halls with No Index Yes Yes
Analog Sin/Cos Encoder With Digital Halls Yes No
With Digital Halls and Analog Index No No
No Halls and No Index Yes No
EnDat 2.1 Single & Multi Turn Yes No
EnDat 2.2 All Digital Yes Yes
Analog / Digital Yes No
BiSS, BiSS Mode C Renishaw All Digital (Mode C) Yes No
Analog / Digital Yes No
HIPERFACE, HIPERFACE DSL Analog / Digital; Single & Multi Turn Yes No
All Digital Yes No
Halls Sensor Only Digital Yes No

Using Feedback Options

Use the Feedback screen to set up your system to match the proper feedback device. By default, the drive uses the Auto setting to detect feedback devices. This setting allows the drive to test the feedback device to see if it is a recognized plug and play device. If the drive recognizes the device, then all the parameters for that device and motor are loaded into the drive. Both the feedback and the motor information are now present in the drive and the system is operable.

If the feedback is a non- plug and play device, then you can choose from the list of supported devices in Feedback Selection list and then enter the line count manually. The following sections describe each supported device available in the Feedback Selection list and the input information required to configure each device.


This is the default setting and is used to determine if a plug and play device is available. If a plug and play device is available, the Auto mode is replaced by the feedback device detected, along with the appropriate resolution settings.


This setting can be used if no feedback device is connected to the X10 connector. This may be the case if FB2 or FB3 is used for position or velocity control.

Incremental Encoder

The incremental encoder is a non-plug and play device. Incremental encoders are available in a variety of line counts. If you select an incremental encoder option, the encoder resolution must be entered into the Rotary Encoder Resolution box. The units for this field are in counts per revolution, which is post-quadrature (multiplies the lines per revolution by 4).

Sine Encoder

Sine encoders are offered with different data communication protocols. These include EnDat, BiSS, HIPERFACE, and others. A standard sine-cosine encoder with simple analog communication is not a plug and play device. As with the incremental encoder, the line count is entered in the Rotary Encoder Resolution box.

EnDat 2.1, EnDat 2.2

These feedback device are plug and play when ordered as an option with AKM motors.

BiSS Analog

These feedback devices are plug and play when ordered as an option with AKM motors.


These feedback devices are plug and play when ordered as an option withAKM motors.


The resolver feedback option is not plug and play. When selecting the resolver option, three specific parameters are set by default for the standard AKM resolver: phase lag, transformation ratio, and feedback poles. Currently the AKD does not support non-Kollmorgen standard resolver options.

  • The resolver frequency is set to 6875Hz and cannot be adjusted.


Smart Feedback Device (SFD) is Kollmorgen's most popular plug and play device. SFD allows for quick and easy setup from the Auto mode, which automatically configures the drive with the motor and feedback parameters.


This feedback type is not available on models with extension type NA (AKD Models).

Halls Only

This feedback type only supports operating in Torque mode and Velocity mode.

Due to heavy quantization, large current spikes occur at hall transition points, it is advisable to tune the observer to a low frequency (like 10Hz) and set the observer gain appropriately to achieve the best operating results.