3601h Digital output control

This object permits controlling of digital output values over fieldbus. Two sub-indexes are bit-masked values where the bit offset corresponds to the digital output id starting with bit offset 0 = DOUT1.

Sub-index 1 sets the desired output states.

Sub-index 2 is a mask that must be set for which DOUTs are to be controlled over fieldbus.

  • When setting the mask, the corresponding DOUT#.SOURCE will change to "Fieldbus." When DOUT#.SOURCE is Fieldbus, the DOUT is not able to be set through action table or DOUT#.STATEU. When clearing the mask, the corresponding DOUT#.SOURCE will change to ‘User’ and the output state is controlled by DOUT#.STATEU.


3601h sub-index 2 = 0x0000000F
3601h sub-index 1 = 0x00000012

In this example, DOUT1-4 sources will be "Fieldbus" and only DOUT2.STATE will be 1. DOUT1, 3, and 4 states will be 0. DOUT5 ignores the fieldbus state since the mask is not set. The value of DOUT5.STATE will be determined by whatever DOUT5.SOURCE is set to.

Parameter Index Sub-Index Data Type Float Scale Units Access PDO Mappable
Highest sub-index supported 3601h 0h Unsigned8 - - Read only No
Physical outputs 3601h 1h Unsigned32 - - Read/Write Yes
Output mask 3601h 2h Unsigned32 - - Read/Write No