AIN#.CUTOFF sets the break frequency in Hz for two cascaded single-pole low-pass filters on the hardware command input. Since the two poles are cascaded at the same frequency, the -3 dB frequency is 0.64*AIN#.CUTOFF in hertz and the 10% to 90% step response rise time is 0.53/AIN#.CUTOFF in seconds.

Suggested operating values are as follows:

  • Analog torque opmode: 5 kHz
  • Analog velocity opmode: 2.5 kHz
  • General purpose analog input high resolution: 500 Hz



For more information see Analog Input.


Action Version Notes
Implemented 02-00-00-000

General Information

Type Read/Write
Units Hz
Range 0 to 9998.638 Hz
Default Value 5001.216 Hz
Data Type Float
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Stored in Non Volatile Memory Yes

Variants Supported

All variants are supported.