This parameter gets or sets the digital input filter. The digital filter blocks input changes (rising or falling edges) until the minimum pulse width is exceeded. The +/- tolerance listed is the sample period (uncertainty) of the filter.

Value Description Min Pulse Width Typical Use
0 Unfiltered >40ns RS485 inputs
4 Ultra fast


+/- 40ns

Fast Optos

1 Fast

>10.24 µs

+/- 0.64 µs

Fast Optos
2 Standard


+/- 10.24µs

Slow Optos
3 Slow


+/- 0.16384ms

Mechanical switch



For more information see Digital Inputs and Outputs.


Action Version Notes
Implemented 02-00-00-000

General Information

Type Read/Write
Units N/A
Range 0 to 4
Default Value

Depends on DIN:

4 for DIN1-2

2 for DIN3-12

Data Type Integer
See Also  

Stored in Non Volatile Memory


Variants Supported

All variants are supported

Fieldbus Information

Fieldbus Parameter Index Sub-Index Data Type Float Scale Units Access PDO Mappable
EtherCAT COE and CANopen DIN1.FILTER 0x3590 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN2.FILTER 0x3591 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN3.FILTER 0x3592 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN4.FILTER 0x3593 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN5.FILTER 0x3594 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN6.FILTER 0x3595 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN7.FILTER 0x3596 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN8.FILTER 0x3597 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN9.FILTER 0x3598 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN10.FILTER 0x3599 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN11.FILTER 0x359A 0x2 USINT - - RW False
DIN12.FILTER 0x359B 0x2 USINT - - RW False