Sets or whether the bi-directional IO is an input or output.

Value Description
0 The bi-directional IO is treated as an input signal
1 The bi-directional IO is treated as an output signal



For more information see Digital Inputs and Outputs.


Action Version Notes
Implemented 02-00-00-000

General Information

Type Read/Write
Units N/A
Range 0 to 1
Default Value 0 (input)
Data Type Integer
See Also  

Stored in Non Volatile Memory


Variants Supported

All variants are supported

Fieldbus Information

Fieldbus Parameter Index Sub-Index Data Type Float Scale Units Access PDO Mappable
EtherCAT COE and CANopen DIO1.DIR 0x368A 0x1 USINT - - RW False
DIO2.DIR 0x368B 0x1 USINT - - RW False
DIO3.DIR 0x368C 0x1 USINT - - RW False
DIO4.DIR 0x368D 0x1 USINT - - RW False
DIO5.DIR 0x368E 0x1 USINT - - RW False
DIO6.DIR 0x368F 0x1 USINT - - RW False