Regeneration, or "shunting", dissipates energy from the DC bus during deceleration of the motor load. During deceleration, the motor acts as a generator that pumps energy back into the bus capacitors. If this energy is not dissipated, then the bus energy level can exceed acceptable levels (VBUS.OVFTHRESH). If the system exceeds the maximum bus voltage, then the drive generates an over voltage fault (F2006 ) and shuts down. A regeneration resistor, or regen resistor, is a device that dissipates excess energy and allows the drive to function normally during deceleration.

The following drive regen settings can be viewed and configured from the WorkBench Regen view.

Button or Dialog Box Description Parameter

Regen Resistor Type

Regen resistor type: Either -1-External Regen or 0-Internal Regen (if available).


External Regen Resistance

External, user-defined regen resistor resistance (only visible for External Regen type).


External Regen Heat Up Time

External regen resistor thermal protection time constant (only visible for External Regen type).


External Regen Power

External regen resistor power fault level (only visible for External Regen type).


Regen Power

Power dissipated by regen resistor.


Regen Resistor Options

To choose between internal and external regen resistor, select from the options in the Regen. Resistor Type drop-down box or set REGEN.TYPE in the terminal.

  • Select "0-Internal Regen" to use the regen resistor provided with the drive. When this type is selected, the drive manages the resistor configuration. The external regen settings are hidden from view.
  • Select "-1 External Regen" to use an external regen resistor. A standard resistor compatible with the drive model may be selected from the Select Resistor drop-down box. Optionally, a non-standard user defined resistor may be configured by setting External Regen Resistance (REGEN.REXT), External Regen Heat Up Time (REGEN.TEXT), and External Regen Power (REGEN.WATTEXT).

  • If you use a nonstandard resistor, contact Kollmorgen technical support to confirm that the nonstandard resistor will work correctly with your system.

Standard External Regen Resistor Compatibility

The rows in the table below specify the standard external resistors provided as options in the Select Resistor drop-down box. The table shows the resistor parameters (REGEN.REXT, REG.TEXT, REGEN.WATTEXT) for reference, although the parameters are populated automatically when the resistor is selected. The table also shows compatibility of the resistors with different drive models. The values in the Drive Model Compatibility column corresponds to the five-character voltage rating/current rating/axis count field in the drive model string (see AKD2G Models). WorkBench only shows compatible resistors in the Select Resistor drop-down box.

All resistors in the table are UL-recognized. If you don not find a match for your application, please contact Kollmorgen customer support team for further assistance.

NA Part Number EU Part Number Resistance (ohms) (REGEN.REXT) Heat Up Time(s) (REGEN.TEXT) Power Rating (W) (REGEN.WATTEXT) Drive Model Compatibility
BAFP-100-33 DE-201437 33 16.5 100 6V03S, 6V03D, 6V06S 7V03S, 7V03D, 7V06S, 7V06D, 7V12S
BAFP-200-33 DE-201438 33 27.5 200 6V03S, 6V03D, 6V06S 7V03S, 7V03D, 7V06S, 7V06D, 7V12S
BAR-250-33 DE-106254 33 22.0 250 6V03S, 6V03D, 6V06S 7V03S, 7V03D, 7V06S, 7V06D, 7V12S
BAR-500-33 DE-106255 33 33.0 500 6V03S, 6V03D, 6V06S 7V03S, 7V03D, 7V06S, 7V06D, 7V12S
BAR-1500-33 DE-106258 33 25.7 1500 6V03S, 6V03D, 6V06S 7V03S, 7V03D, 7V06S, 7V06D, 7V12S
BAS-3000-33 DE-201407 33 77.0 3000 6V03S, 6V03D, 6V06S 7V03S, 7V03D, 7V06S, 7V06D, 7V12S
BAR-600-33 DE-200613 23 27.5 600 7V24S
BAR-1000-23 DE-200614 23 27.5 1000 7V24S
BAS-2000-23 DE-200615 23 77.0 2000 7V24S
BAS-3000-23 DE-200616 23 84.3 3000 7V24S
BAS-4000-23 DE-200617 23 77.0 4000 7V24S
BAR-500-15 DE-201439 15 33.0 500 6V06D, 6V12S
BAR-1000-15 DE-201440 15 27.5 1000 6V06D, 6V12S
BAS-2000-15 DE-103871 15 77.0 2000 6V06D, 6V12S
BAS-3000-15 DE-103872 15 84.3 3000 6V06D, 6V12S
BAS-6000-15 DE-103873 15 91.7 6000 6V06D, 6V12S


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