Feedback Devices

There are two views which allow you to configure your position feedback devices and provide information about them. The Feedback Devices view provides up-to-date data about the devices. Clicking on the feedback number field opens a Feedback View to configure it.


The AKD2G offers a variety of feedback solutions which allow you to optimize your system based on your specific machine needs. The table below lists the currently supported feedback types with associated connector/feedback ID. Your motor model number will indicate the type of feedback that you have.

Kollmorgen motors with digital feedback devices (such as SFD, EnDat, BiSS, HIPERFACE and, Tamagawa) are plug and play. With these motors, all feedback and motor settings are configured automatically. Third party motors, or Kollmorgen motors with non-digital feedback types, require parameters to be entered manually. See Non-Plug and Play Feedback Devices.

Element Description Parameter
X# Indicates the connector used for the feedback  
Feedback # block [number] Identifies the feedback and serves as a link to the configuration view  
Type Indicates the feedback type identified FB#.IDENTIFIED
Resolution Resolution of the identified feedback FB#.RES
Position Current position in raw feedback counts FB#.P
Graphical Indicator Visually indicates the position of the feedback within one revolution  
  FB Usage Indicates how the feedback is being used by an axis. Clicking an entry will open the view configuration.  

Feedback Connector Mapping

AKD2G Feedback Connector AKD2G Feedbacks
X1 FB1
X2 FB2
X23 FB3
X21 FB4
X22 FB5

Feedback Types Supported

Feedback Type


FB1 (X1)

FB2 (X2)

FB3 (X23)

FB4 (X21)

FB5 (X22)

Plug & Play

SFA-R00 (X41)

SFA-E00 (X41)

Incremental Encoder

With Halls and Index







No Halls with Index






No Halls and No Index


















Sine Encoder

With Digital Halls







With Digital Halls and Analog Index






No Halls and No Index






EnDat Analog

Single and Multi-Turn






EnDat Digital

All digital










BiSS-B Analog

All Analog








All Analog







BiSS-C Digital

All Digital






Std and Multi pole





















All Digital




SSI Synchronous Serial Interface          

Smart Feedback Adapter

Kollmorgen provides an optional Smart Feedback Adapter (SFA) to allow feedback devices that normally connect to X23 (FB3) to connect through X1 (FB1) and X2 (FB2) instead. For example, on a dual axis drive requiring two resolver feedbacks, X23 could be used for one feedback and an SFA on X2 could be used for the other feedback. See Feedback Connector X41 for details on connecting SFA hardware to AKD2G.

For connections that support SFA (X1 and X2), SFA feedback types can be selected using FB#.SELECT in the same manner as other feedbacks. SFA feedback types appear as options for FB#.SELECT when the corresponding feedback connector supports SFA. For example, FB1.SELECT and FB2.SELECT show the SFA feedback types as options. See FB#.SELECT for a list of supported SFA feedback.

When the feedback is selected (see FB#.SELECT), the SFA is programmed with an FPGA image automatically if needed.

Commands Used for Each Feedback

FB#.SELECT Incremental Encoder with Halls Incremental Encoder without Halls Sine Encoder with Halls Sine Encoder without Halls EnDat Analog EnDat Digital BiSS-B Analog HIPERFACE SSI BiSS-C Digital Resolver SFD SFD3 HIPERFACE DSL
10 11 20 21 30 31 32 33 36 34 40 41 45 46
FB#.SINGLETURNBITS               ✔ (R) ✔ (R)        
FB#.MULTITURNBITS               ✔ (R) ✔ (R)        
FB#.BITS                 ✔ (L) ✔ (L)        
FB#.ENCLINES ✔ (R) ✔ (R) ✔ (R) ✔ (R)                    
FB#.LINEPITCH ✔ (L) ✔ (L) ✔ (L) ✔ (L)         ✔ (L) ✔ (L)        
FB#.RES ✔   ✔  
FB#.USERBYTE, FB#.USERWORD, FB#.USERDWORD         Future Future          

(R) = Rotary

(L) = Linear