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The KAS Online Help includes information for setting up and using KAS controllers (AKD PDMM and PCMM), and creating applications using KAS.

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  • Important information about AKD2G and AKD

    This help includes documentation for both AKD and AKD2G devices. Some views are identical, some are applicable only to one device or the other. The context sensitive help (pressing F1) will take you to view documentation appropriate to the device. Additionally, parameters have been updated or developed to support the multi-axis capabilities of AKD2G, e.g. AIN.CUTOFF (AKD) and AIN#.CUTOFF (AKD2G) where the # represents axis 1 or 2. Please see the following topics to aid in understanding the changes.

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What's New in KAS v3.03
  • AKD2G Backup and Restore, and MDP support
  • Axes Groups for T-Bot, H-Bot & Gantry robotics support
  • Kinematic Transforms: MC_SetKinTra
  • FSoE support
  • AKD Firmware v.01-19-00-002
  • AKD2G Firmware v.02-03-00-000
  • Please see the Release Notes for a full list.
PipeNetwork Library
Common Functions

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