Initial Drive Setup

The AKD Quick Start Guide provides details for initial drive setup. Initial drive setup consists of the following general steps:

Hardware Installation:

  1. Install the drive on your conductive panel and connect the Protective Earth ground.
  2. Connect the logic power you will need to operate all of the control logic to X1.
  3. Connect the motor power to X2.
  4. Connect the feedback to X10.
  5. Connect the inputs and outputs you will be using on X7 and X8.
  6. Bring AC power to the unit and connect AC power to X3 or X4.
  7. Connect drive communications to X11.
  8. Confirm that you can communicate with the drive and that your PC is linked to the AKD.

Software Installation and Drive Communication Setup:

  1. Install and start the interface software (WorkBench).
    See WorkBench System Requirements.
  2. Set the drive IP address using the S1 and S2 switches.
  3. Configure the drive using the Setup Wizard.