WorkBench Start Page

This view is opened when you start WorkBench. The view contains tiles which provide differing functionality. Not all tiles may be present when you open WorkBench.

The options which may be available include:

  • Quick Start — This tile displays a list of all compatible Kollmorgen physical devices, discoverable by WorkBench, which are connected to your Ethernet network.

    Connecting to a device using either method:

    • Double-click on the row in the list
    • Select the row and click Connect

    WorkBench automatically creates a project and opens the selected device within the project.

  • Start
    • New Project — Create a new, empty project file
    • Open Project — Open an existing project file

    For more information on project files see Project Files.

  • Explore — A list of useful resource links you may visit to learn more about Kollmorgen products
  • Recent — A list of projects recently opened in WorkBench

See Troubleshooting and FAQs if you have any problems with opening or creating projects.