ECCN 3A225 Limitations for Induction Motors

According to regulation 3A225 of the Commerce Control List (, the AKD is required to limit commutation speeds for Induction Motors (MOTOR.TYPE  = 2) to less than 600Hz. The limit in the AKD has been set at 599Hz.

Convert commutation speed to operating speed using the following method:

Operating Speed (RPM) = Commutation Speed * 60/Pole Pair Count of Motor

Example for 12 pole induction motor at 599Hz:

Operating Speed (RPM) = 599Hz* 60/(6 pole pairs) = 5990 RPM

Limit enforcement and machine behavior

The limit is enforced by overriding VL.LIMITN  and VL.LIMITP  when MOTOR.TYPE = 2 (indicution motor). If the user attempts to set a limit outside the boundaries of ECNN 3A225, the value will be overwritten by the limiting value, and warning 582 will be thrown (this will not interrupt drive operation). The warning is also thrown if the operating speed of the motor reaches the limit.

Warning 582 can be cleared by calling DRV.CLRFAULTS .