AXIS#.VL.KI sets the integral gain of the velocity loop.

A factor of 2π is included in the time calculation, therefore a PI velocity loop with a constant error of 1 rps in which AXIS#.VL.KI is set to 160 and AXIS#.VL.KP is set to 1, will take (1000/160)*2π ms to increase the integral gain to 1. Therefore, the total gain is 2 at this time (see velocity loop structure below).

Integrator Dependencies

  • By default, the drive is configured to only allow one integrator to be active at a time (See AXIS#.VL.KIMODE for details).
  • The position integrator takes precedence over the velocity integrator; therefore, if AXIS#.PL.KI is being used (and the drive is in Position Mode), AXIS#.VL.KI will be disabled.
    To use both integrators together, use AXIS#.PL.KITHRESH to set the point at which the integrators toggle, or set AXIS#.VL.KIMODE to allow all integrators to be active at the same time.
  • If AXIS#.IL.CMD saturates and is clamped by AXIS#.IL.LIMITP or AXIS#.IL.LIMITN , then the integrator will hold and stop integrating. The integrator will keep its current state and continue to wind up or discharge once the axis comes out of current saturation

Velocity Loop Structure


Action Version Notes
Implemented 02-00-00-000

General Information




Sets the velocity loop integral gain for the PI controller; active in opmodes 1 (velocity) and 2 (position) only.




0 to 1,000

Default Value


Data Type


Stored in Non Volatile Memory


Variants Supported

All variants are supported.

Fieldbus Information

Fieldbus Parameter Index Sub-Index Data Type Float Scale Units Access PDO Mappable
EtherCAT COE and CANopen AXIS1.VL.KI 0x5011 0x2 UDINT 1000:1 - RW False
AXIS2.VL.KI 0x5111 0x2 UDINT 1000:1 - RW False