Axis Feedback View

This view, which is available for each axis, allows you to configure how the axis behaves based on which feedback is used by each control loop (i.e. commutation, velocity, and position). The view also indicates the different feedback types for the configured sources and provides links to the feedback configuration views.

  • Select a source from the left column to define the desired Feedback source for each of the Control Loops (Commutation, Velocity Loop, and Position Loop) and Motion Sources (Electronic Gearing).

  • An alert is present if a source will be ignored because of the Command Source or Operation Mode configuration, as seen with Velocity and Position Loop below.

    • The alert does not necessarily indicate a problem, it indicates that the setting is ignored in the current configuration.
  • Feedback Type information is shown for the selected source.

  • A link to the Feedback View is available to the right of each Feedback Type.

  1. Feedback Source Configuration

  2. Alert

  3. Feedback Type information

  4. Link to the configuration view for the selected Feedback