Project Properties

You may configure your project's properties by selecting the project node in the navigation tree.

Section Item Description
General Project Name A read-only field that displays the name of the project, simply being the file name without the extension. By default this is called "Project", as soon as you save your project it will reflect the file name.
Project File Path A read-only field that indicates the full file path of the project. Until the project is saved this field remains empty.
Safety Safety Features

Configures which level of safety the project is targeted to.

  • STO Only — all devices have only STO capabilities, no specific safety configuration is needed.
  • Safe Functions — at least one device in your machine has advanced safety capabilities. You will have access to safety parametrization on capable devices within your machine by selecting this mode. You will be required to enter passwords to protect against read/write access to the project file and different safety operations.
Passwords for Advanced Safety
  • Full Configuration Password — required for safety parameters editing and generation of safety packages
  • Commissioning Password — required to download and activate a safety parameter set into a device. This does not allow the user to edit safety parameters.
Devices Add New Device Allows you to select what kind of device to add to the project.

  • When using advanced safety:

    • Defining at least the Full Configuration Password is mandatory.
    • Be sure to remember the password, it will be asked when opening the project if you want to get full access. The password cannot be recovered.
    • If you do not provide any password to a project with advanced safety, you will have read-only access to parameters, and no access to download and parameter set activation.

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