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This function block sets the kinematic transform between the Machine Coordinate System and the Axes Coordinate System. It is useful for robotics, allowing the application to command motion in Cartesian coordinates for the robotic system.

After MC_SetKinTra(...) is called, the controller will automatically calculate the inverse kinematics for the robot axes, converting the robot path motion into the individual robot joint axis trajectories. Several transform types are available for common robotic systems and are configurable with the MC_KIN_REF Structure. The parameters in the MC_KIN_REF structure define the specific robot geometry.

Figure 7-162: MC_SetKinTra


For more detail on how inputs and outputs work, refer to PLCopen Function Blocks - General Rules


Execute Description On the rising edgeClosedA rising edge is the transition of a digital signal from low to high. It is also called positive edge, request to load the kinematic transform.
  Data type BOOL
  Range 0, 1
  Unit n/a
  Default n/a
AxesGroup Description The axis group that will receive the axis trajectory values from the kinematic transform.
  Data type AXIS_GROUP_REF
  Range n/a
  Unit n/a
  Default n/a
KinTransform Description Kinematic robotic transform defined by the MC_KIN_REF Structure
  Data type MC_KIN_REF
  Range n/a
  Unit n/a
  Default n/a


Done Description

If True, then the command completed successfully.

  Data type BOOL
Error Description If True, an error has occurred.
  Data type BOOL
ErrorID Description Indicates the error if Error output is set to TRUE. See table in PLCopen Function BlockClosedA function block groups an algorithm and a set of private data. It has inputs and outputs. ErrorID Output
  Data type INT


Structured Text

// MC_SetKinTra ST Example

// DeltaBotTransform is of type MC_KIN_REF

DeltaBotTransform.TransformType := MC_TRANSFORM_TYPE_DELTA; DeltaBotTransform.KinParameters[MC_DELTA_KIN_PARAM_RADIUS_BASE_LENGTH] := 10.0; DeltaBotTransform.KinParameters[MC_DELTA_KIN_PARAM_RADIUS_END_LENGTH] := 2.0; DeltaBotTransform.KinParameters[MC_DELTA_KIN_PARAM_MOTOR_ARM_LENGTH] := 5.0; DeltaBotTransform.KinParameters[MC_DELTA_KIN_PARAM_END_ARM_LENGTH] := 25.0; Inst_MC_SetKinTra(True, DeltaBotAxesGrp, DeltaBotTransform); // ... Inst_MC_MoveLinAbs(True, DeltaBotAxesGrp, PositionList, DeltaBotVel, DeltaBotAcc, DeltaBotDec, LREAL#0.0, MC_COORDINATE_SYSTEM_MCS, MC_BUFFER_MODE_ABORTING, MC_TRANSITION_MODE_NONE, EmptyTransitionParams);

Function Block Diagram

Ladder Diagram

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