Finding and Connecting to a Device


In order to use the drive, you must be able to communicate with the device using WorkBench and a connection. Devices may use different communication channels, mainly TCP/IP. Both the device and the PC must connect through this standard or another in order to communicate.

The Communication view displays the protocol used to connect to a device.

Add New Device

New devices can be added from:

Automatic (Dynamic) IP Addressing

Dynamic addressing is performed using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). To put the drive in DHCP mode, set IP.MODE to 2.

The device will acquire its IP address from an external DHCP server if present in the network. If a DHCP server is not present the device will assume an Automatic Private IP address of the form 169.254.x.x.

If your PC is directly connected to the drive, and set to obtain an IP address automatically in the TCP/IP settings, a connection will be established with both devices using compatible automatically generated addresses. It can take up to 60 seconds for a PC to configure an Automatic Private IP Address (169.254.x.x).

When first communicating with the device, conflicts might exist with other programs or devices connected to your computer, which are competing for IP addresses. If you have a problem recognizing a device, try turning off other devices (especially wireless devices or remote network connections). If you still have problems connecting with the device, refer to Troubleshooting Connection and Communication Problems.

Static IP Addressing

Static IP addressing can be accomplished using four parameters:


--> IP.MODE 1

Once the IP address has been properly configured using these parameters the IP.RESET command can be issued to apply the settings and assign the IP address. These settings must be saved to the drive ( DRV.NVSAVE ) to remain in effect after power is removed and restored.

These parameters can also be set using the TCP/IP View.

Recovering Communications with a Drive at an Unreachable IP Address

In some cases, if the IP address has been set incorrectly, you can no longer communicate with the drive. The only way to reach the drive again is to change the setting back to a valid IP address using the drive's display and B1/B2 buttons - see AKD2G TCP/IP Configuration.